The Last Ring of Skellig Michael

Hidden for two Millenia, the Messiah’s Ring has returned to Rome. 


Two identical Rings were cast weeks before the crucifiction of Jesus Christ. One bore the inscription Pilatus, the other, Messiah. The Pilatus Ring was buried in the tomb of Herod, the other taken by early Christians far beyond Judea. First to Greece where it was kept in the shadow of Mount Olympus. From there to Rome. Following the fall of the Roman Empire, Irish Monks tasked with its safekeeping sailed from Portus, on the Tyrrhenian coast, to Skellig Michael off the West coast of Ireland. There they founded an Abbey to safeguard the Messiah’s ring.

Throughout the ages, only two people carried the secret of its existence – the Abbot of Skellig Michael & the Bishop of Rome. When the Abbey became unoccupied in the thirteenth century, it was decided by the last Abbot and the Bishop of Rome, that a monk would be selected to help keep the ring’s location on the desolate rock in the Atlantic. Thus the intricate selection of Bishop and Monk has taken place beyond the knowledge of others. In 2018, archeologists revealed that a ring discovered in Herodium in 1969 quite possibly belonged to Pontius Pilate. The guardians of the Messiah Ring knew the ancient prophecy was about to be fulfilled. The Messiah would soon reveal himself to the world.


The Last Ring of Skellig Michael  is the third novel in the Father Brennan series, and will be published in early 2021.