Tittle tattle from the parish.

Celebration Time

Castlebridge U12 hurling team have won their first league match in four years.

Congratulations to Frankie their long suffering coach. Commenting on the result, Frankie declared, ‘I never thought I’d see the day that Castlebridge was joint league leaders.’

Castlebridge 0-0 Elmwood 0-0.

Unable to field a team due to Confirmations, Elmwood conceded.

Well done lads, no homework for a week.

Letting it all hang out.


Would the flasher that has been tormenting walkers along the river please keep his teeny tackle inside his pants.

Attendance at Sunday Mass

Unless one of the following excuses apply, there is no other acceptable reason why you do not 11182434-catholic-priest-on-a-white-background-vectorattend Mass every Sunday.

  • Gone Fishing  (Next Competition Sunday  3rd August 7 to 11pm.)
  • GAA Match – note Rugby or other foreign sports do not count.
  • Two Broken Legs.
  • A head on ya, that a dozen paracetemol couldn’t cure.

God knows when your’e absent, I know, and in case it escapes our attention, the collection basket certainly knows.  And speaking of the collection, will the smart alec who thinks Monopoly money is a legitimate currency, think again. If I catch the culprit, he or she will be able to use the third excuse in the above list.

P.S.  Coupons available for half price drinks in Lavelles this Sunday.  Collect coupon from me after Mass.

God bless and heed my warning.
Father Brennan

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One thought on “Tittle tattle from the parish.

    sebnemsanders said:
    June 2, 2014 at 9:39 am

    When are we having a drink, again?


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