Friends of the Father

Fine writers, good friends, some published, others on the road to publication and seeking that which every writer desires – readers. Ha, you thought I would say fame, a yacht on the Carribean and a six figure, six book deal – so did I.

Angelia Rust. Ratpaths (Tales of Istonnia).  The Girl on the Red Pillow.

Max China  The Sister.  Don’t turn on the light.

C. McDonald Atrament Speaks. The Sphalerite of Almandine. Footprint of a False God.

Darius Stransky  The Kings Jew

Sebnem Sanders The Child of Heaven.

D.J. Meyers Tales of Yorr.  Birth of Venus.

JJ Kendrick Chance Inheritance. Music of Souls.

Morven James The Buck Stops Here.  The Third Eye.

Georgelle McLendon Papa’s Gift

Piper McDermott The Seventh Gate

Philip D Curwood Arabella: A Picture of Beauty.

AJ Wallace.  Mindfield




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