Why have more people visited this page than any other?

Which part of Celibate do ye not feckin understand?

This is the sort of trashy emails I get every day.

I’m 30, horny and alone. Call me.  Bored Russian housewife.
Father, I’m about to sin. Whip me.  Nora from down the road.
Can ya get an STD from a goat? Confused Dubliner.

What did I do to deserve people asking me such questions?


I fell in love once.  Do any of you know what love is?

I catch the scent of her in my dreams, I reach for her hand. A fleeting moment, snatched away.
Summer was my world. I loved her. So long ago – yet, it seems like yesterday.

It’s in the public domain now.  The priest and the unmarried mother – hardly gossip in this modern world of Twitter and Twatter.
It was back then, I suppose. Wildfire spread from lips that moved in whispers.

If you want to know about Temptation, about Love,Compassion and Betrayal – beg, borrow, steal, buy this book. Perhaps I should have called it The Temptation of Father Brennan.

In the Shadow of the Judas Tree : Summer of Forbidden Love, written by my good friend, Norman Morrow is available here.

eConfessions are open – unless you want to be saying 400 decades of the Rosary, keep them emails clean.

Father James P Brennan.
September 2016