Tales of a Book Fair Virgin

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I hadn’t done one before – a book fair. There’s a lot of that lately; things I haven’t done before – written a book, published a book, guested on an online co-operative celebration, read at …

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A toast to good friends.

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September is an odd month. Children return to school, and the sun shines as though it smirks at those greaybeards of long ago who decided May, June and July are the summer months. Fly hatches in the rivers dwindle. Trout, so active these past months, settle in quieter water till spawning season comes around.

Whats that got to do with friends? Absolutely nothing.

Father Brennan is pissed, and pissed off – the page for Friends of the Father is sparse, and as colourful as a fake salmon or trout.  “Otter,” he said. “Get it sorted ya furry gobshite.”

Why me?

On a positive note, the first donation from In the Shadow of the Judas Tree has found its way to the charity One in Four.

I best get to work.


Otter Sept 2016



Connolly’s hard station and other stories

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A great read.


croker Lee Keegan of Mayo is the filling as he is sandwiched by Dublin’s Brian Fenton and Diarmuid Connolly. Tom Parsons of Mayo waits to pick up the crumbs.

“Garda probe as teen’s leg is broken in ‘sickening GAA match attack’ ’’. 

“Garda investigation after hurler (13) hospitalised in ‘assault by adult male who ran onto pitch’ ”. 

Two headline newspaper stories in just the last week.

Then there were the pre-match busts ups and assorted off-the-ball bumps, thumps and jersey shreddings in last Sunday’s All-Ireland football final. 

No connection? I believe there is.

Gaelic games, particularly football, have been infected for some time by a particularly virulent strain of the man-made virus, Agent Machismo. The symptoms are many and varied. Players infected usually display a reckless regard for authority and safety — their own and others — as they go about harassing, haranguing, intimidating and generally trying to stop an opponent from…

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First and Last – the poetry of Judith Williamson (1947-2015)

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Today on my blog I am really pleased to be able to share the poetry of a woman I knew nothing about, until I was contacted by fellow writer David Venner who, in writing this post, drew my attention…

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