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Father Mc Gargles

A stolen trout. An unusual confession. A dead greyhound on a skateboard. Vengeance. A sex scandal. Rumours of a demon and an erotic book.

From his seat of power in the back room of Lavelle’s pub, Father James Brennan plans revenge.

In secrecy, and in complete agreement with the purity of his scheme, accomplices are recruited with hilarious results that draw the priest into situations undreamt of, and culminate in conflict with the See of Rome


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 In the Shadow of the Judas Tree.

Love maketh the man, forbidden love maketh the priest.

‘Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me’

Read first three chapters of In the Shadow of the Judas Tree

 In the Shadow of the Judas Tree 6x9 Full Cover X

eBook available here
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Shimmering Light – Short Story

Have faith young, Otter!  Just press click and see what happens next.

So I did and all sorts of hypnotic circles lit up the laptop screen – Did it crash? Did it feck. Brennan opened a bottle and we sat there, hypnotised, waiting …

A drumroll would have been good, a clash of cymbals better – the broken whiskey bottles could be cleaned up later. ‘Feckin published,’ not quite how Amazon put it.  Brennan danced on the settee, trousers around his ankles, dog collar stuck to his forehead, and roared those immortal words.

‘It’s only a short, you’ve written longer sermons,’ I said, wading through shards of glass, and returned with a bottle of finest Scottish malt.

‘Tis a fishing story, a bit boring, but it would be, I’m not in it,’ he said, emphasising the last bit.

He insisted he wrote the blurb, I dared not object.

‘Auld Mick, caught a right feckin Sea Trout, and the lucky bastard deserved to die.’

As soon as he went home, I put on my editing cap and tidied it up.

Michael, in the autumn of his life, realises a dream. In doing so, he risks the ultimate sacrifice.  

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Rock Pool Echoes – Novelette

New cover

A chance meeting, or was it? The mysteries of The Rock Pool are revealed before the grim reaper has his wicked way.
A tale of great trout and a strange old man.

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One thought on “On Kindle

    sebnemsanders said:
    July 11, 2014 at 6:20 pm

    Yes, I think you reduced the price after I bought it, so I think you need to refund me the difference or write more pages … meaning probably double now (double in pages or half-price) … I await in anticipation … PS. I won’t tell the authorities…


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